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Western Expansion

Direct Traffic Management Inc. is extremely proud to announce the launch of Dynamic Traffic Management Inc. in Alberta.  Our expansion to Western Canada has begun and we will operate in Calgary and Edmonton with similar services and product offering that we have here in Ontario.  This venture is a partnership with Powell Contracting who has also taken their successful business model into Alberta.

This opportunity will expose us to a broader scope of information and will increase our ability to influence positive change in the traffic control industry across Canada, not only here at home in Ontario.

We look forward to engaging with new customers, New staff and new ideas as we grow this business out West.

United Road Signs joins the Direct Traffic Family

Direct Traffic Management Inc. is extremely proud to announce the merger of United Road Signs into Direct Traffic Management. The new larger company will remain as Direct Traffic with its head office in Hamilton, Ontario. The new Mississauga location at 5830 Datsun Rd. will enable us to expand our business while joining the forces of the two operations in the Greater Toronto Area.

This new larger company will allow us to serve all of our respective customers better and offer additional services to them, now, and even more in the future. Direct Traffic will now be able to offer a larger and more complete rental and sales service to its clients as well as permanent sign installations and sign manufacturing. Additionally the traffic control service will incorporate the experience of the United Road Signs staff to complement our existing crews.

We are excited to welcome the staff and customers of United Road Signs and look forward to a bright future together as one company.

2015 Training Dates

In 2015 Training dates will be held on each Thursday beginning on Jan. 15th. Training will alternate between OTM Book 7 Traffic Control training (Full day) and TMA or Crash Truck training (Half day).

Alternate dates will be available for larger groups by arrangement and can be held at your location anywhere in Ontario.

Please contact us to make book you date(s) or make arrangements as needed. We are happy to work with you to make sure your staff is covered and compliant for the upcoming season of work.

Click this link to read more about our traffic control training or to register.

Direct Traffic Management Inc. partners with PGC Services Inc. to open Hydro-vac business in Hamilton

As of mid-August, PGC Services Hamilton has been active with its own Hydro-vac operation – A combined partnership between PGC Services Inc. (Powell Group in Gormley) and Direct Traffic Management Inc. PGC Services Hamilton offers Hydro-vac and flusher truck services to the Hamilton and Brantford areas, Western GTA and into the Niagara peninsula. The company offers competitive pricing, new equipment and has an excellent reputation for customer service from both its ownership partners. The Hydro-vac or Hydro Excavation industry has been growing significantly due to the increasing need to protect buried utilities and prevent other common issues that can arise with the use of conventional methods of digging.

PGC Services Hamilton will be working in all segments in the industry to grow the business and increase our services offered to the customers in our area. We feel that there is a good opportunity here, and that our good relationship with our existing customers creates a strong foundation to build upon, and increase our services to them.

PGC Services can be reached at (905) 540-4343 for equipment bookings or to answer any questions you may have. We are looking forward to working with everyone in the future.

TC-64 Advance Warning Signs Manual is under review by MTO

The MTO presented to the ORBA Health & Safety committee yesterday at our monthly meeting. After much discussion, and a number of letters written to them by the ORBA H&S committee, changes are being made to the TC-64 Manual.

Currently, there are several negative issues that exist with the manufacturing, installation, use and maintenance of these signs and if anyone has had to deal with them on an ongoing basis they will certainly agree with me on that point. I applaud the Ministry in their efforts to address this problem, as it not only exists for companies like ours, that install and maintain the signs, but for the travelling public as well. It is a positive move on their part and with any luck and some common sense, the changes will be in the best interest of all the people who make, use, and see these signs regularly.

Many people in the industry in Ontario may not even know that this manual exists (it is available in PDF on our site under “useful documents”) and certainly the designers of capital construction projects have not followed them as closely as one might expect. We regularly look at MTO Construction drawings that have poor design for the TC-64 layout. In some instances the plans are virtually impossible to follow when trying to install the signs. We have been frustrated for years with fines for late tab changes and sign messages that make no sense and are not easy to deal with once installed on the projects.

I for one look forward to positive change in this area of our industry and if the MTO is willing to listen to the people using and dealing with these signs every day, there is an opportunity to once again affect real positive change for drivers in the province of Ontario and workers on Ontario roadway projects who risk their safety every day to ensure that these projects run smoothly and safely.

New Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7 2014

The Ministry of Transportation has finally released the final version of the Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7 – Temporary Conditions for 2014. The review and changes have taken just under four years to complete, a daunting task to be sure and the industry is hopeful that the changes will be useful and worthwhile. The MTO has also released a document that summarizes the changes between the new and old versions (a copy of this is available
on our website in PDF format). Although perhaps not a dramatic difference from the 2001 version the changes are valuable and address what the industry was saying and doing and the commitment seemed to be there to make positive improvements to it. As a member of the review committee, I was privileged to be part of the process and offer some “real life” opinions and try to make the new Book 7 more useable and practical. The new manual
includes a few new items and have more consideration for new technologies and things that may not yet be in the market place. As our society changes to a more dialed in and online community, so must the industry adjust to these issues and possibly revolutionary changes coming our way in the near future.

We have posted a pdf version on our website under “Useful Documents” in the “resources” tab at the top. Word is that the manual is in print now as well as a field edition and will be out very soon, hopefully for the 2014 construction season.

Needless to say we are excited that the new version of the manual is finally here and will serve as the new industry standard by which temporary traffic control is measured. It has been a long time coming and although there will be some detractors for change or the new edition in general; we look forward to positive improvements and a higher standard of safety in the industry. After all isn’t it about protecting the workers on the ground and those installing and removing the traffic measures, if it makes them safer than ever before and addresses it in a more functional way, we all win.

Traffic Control Training Now Available

Direct Traffic Management Inc. is now offering traffic control training for clients who need it. We have had an overwhelming number of requests to offer this training and it is now available. Traffic control training is a Ministry of Labour requirement for anyone working on a roadway in the province of Ontario and as a result the need for quality and effective training has increased. Our course offers a unique look at the industry and insight into the Ontario Traffic Manual (OTM) – Book 7 that many others do not bring to the table. Our company performs traffic control and trains based on our extensive experience; this is not just a Book 7 review. Our course is a combination of OTM Book 7, our own procedures and policies manuals.

Courses can be done at our Hamilton location or anywhere in the province. We can facilitate small or larger groups, depending on your needs. The primary focus is the same as our company, the safety of your workers, and the travelling public. The course will offer a certification for those meet the minimum requirements. The course is a one-day training learning experience and can be customized to your company’s specific needs and focus.

We look forward an opportunity to discuss our traffic control training course with you in the near future.

Direct Traffic Management adds Mobile Barrier Trailers to its service offering

Mobile Barrier trailers are somewhat new to the traffic control and work area protection industry, but have been in use in Ontario for a number of years. Direct Traffic Management has recently been given the opportunity to include these unique and highly regarded units in its offering of traffic safety services. These trailers are certified NCHRP Crash Level 3 for freeway safety and are switchable from left and right side configurations. These trailers offer unrivaled level of safety for workers on small location work areas and are functional for many different safety applications.

mobile traffic barriers


The unique and innovative design on the Mobile Barrier Trailer (MTB-1) acts as a physical protection between traffic and the worker. The MTB-1 is a lateral protection system where more tradition ways of protecting workers in short term lane closures were more focused on protection from the rear. Easily mobilized to any location you need these trailers are an excellent method of protection for many applications and work sites.

Direct Traffic Management is proud to offer these new and exciting safety trailers to our customers as another great way to protect the lives of those workers who are exposed to the intangible hazard of live traffic.


MOBILE BARRIERS MBT-1® is protected under Pat. Nos. 7,572,022, 7,901,117, 8,322,945, 8,465,047 and other patents pending.
MOBILE BARRIERS & Design and MBT-1 are Registered Trademarks. For additional information see www.mobilebarriers.com

Direct Traffic Management president Peter Wehmeyer recognized for commitment

An article originally published in Daily Commercial News. The Ontario Road Builders’ Association (ORBA) has presented its 2011 distinguished service award to Peter Wehmeyer, president of Hamilton’s Direct Traffic Management Inc. The award recognizes a volunteer who has demonstrated “an extraordinary commitment” to the association’s objectives.

Early in the summer of 2010, the association was looking for an expert in the area of traffic control to help in an upcoming review of the Ontario Traffic Manual’s Book 7, essentially a specification for setting up temporary road works such as cones and signs.

ORBA’s occupational health and safety committee recruited Wehmeyer to work with the Ministry of Transportation’s (MTO) technical advisory committees that were conducting a full review of Book 7.

“Peter wasn’t even an ORBA member at the time but he accepted the challenge,” executive director Rob Bradford told the association’s 85th annual convention.

The ministry subsequently decided to work directly with ORBA on a detailed review of all of the typical layouts for various road and traffic situations “and again we went to Peter.” Wehmeyer agreed to coordinate ORBA’s input.

“I’m sure he didn’t know what he was getting himself into at the time,” Bradford said.

From February through April of last year, Wehmeyer took charge of the ORBA volunteers involved in the review.

He personally chaired half-day meetings every second week to review typical layouts.

“There are 82 existing layouts that were dealt with in detail and additional ones that had to be created to recognize Ontario’s growing interest in traffic roundabouts,” Bradford said.

A draft of the revised manual is expected to be available early this year.

The award was presented at the president’s dinner at the association’s convention.

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You can see the original article here.