New Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7 2014

The Ministry of Transportation has finally released the final version of the Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7 – Temporary Conditions for 2014. The review and changes have taken just under four years to complete, a daunting task to be sure and the industry is hopeful that the changes will be useful and worthwhile. The MTO has also released a document that summarizes the changes between the new and old versions (a copy of this is available
on our website in PDF format). Although perhaps not a dramatic difference from the 2001 version the changes are valuable and address what the industry was saying and doing and the commitment seemed to be there to make positive improvements to it. As a member of the review committee, I was privileged to be part of the process and offer some “real life” opinions and try to make the new Book 7 more useable and practical. The new manual
includes a few new items and have more consideration for new technologies and things that may not yet be in the market place. As our society changes to a more dialed in and online community, so must the industry adjust to these issues and possibly revolutionary changes coming our way in the near future.

We have posted a pdf version on our website under “Useful Documents” in the “resources” tab at the top. Word is that the manual is in print now as well as a field edition and will be out very soon, hopefully for the 2014 construction season.

Needless to say we are excited that the new version of the manual is finally here and will serve as the new industry standard by which temporary traffic control is measured. It has been a long time coming and although there will be some detractors for change or the new edition in general; we look forward to positive improvements and a higher standard of safety in the industry. After all isn’t it about protecting the workers on the ground and those installing and removing the traffic measures, if it makes them safer than ever before and addresses it in a more functional way, we all win.