TC-64 Advance Warning Signs Manual is under review by MTO

The MTO presented to the ORBA Health & Safety committee yesterday at our monthly meeting. After much discussion, and a number of letters written to them by the ORBA H&S committee, changes are being made to the TC-64 Manual.

Currently, there are several negative issues that exist with the manufacturing, installation, use and maintenance of these signs and if anyone has had to deal with them on an ongoing basis they will certainly agree with me on that point. I applaud the Ministry in their efforts to address this problem, as it not only exists for companies like ours, that install and maintain the signs, but for the travelling public as well. It is a positive move on their part and with any luck and some common sense, the changes will be in the best interest of all the people who make, use, and see these signs regularly.

Many people in the industry in Ontario may not even know that this manual exists (it is available in PDF on our site under “useful documents”) and certainly the designers of capital construction projects have not followed them as closely as one might expect. We regularly look at MTO Construction drawings that have poor design for the TC-64 layout. In some instances the plans are virtually impossible to follow when trying to install the signs. We have been frustrated for years with fines for late tab changes and sign messages that make no sense and are not easy to deal with once installed on the projects.

I for one look forward to positive change in this area of our industry and if the MTO is willing to listen to the people using and dealing with these signs every day, there is an opportunity to once again affect real positive change for drivers in the province of Ontario and workers on Ontario roadway projects who risk their safety every day to ensure that these projects run smoothly and safely.